Waxing (Roller system, hot wax and spatula) 

Waxing is a way of semi-permanent hair removal which removes the hair from the root with results lasting 3-8weeks.

Full leg £24
Half leg £16
3/4 leg £19
Bikini line £10 with hot wax £14
High bikini £12 with hot wax £16
Brazilian £20
with hot wax £25
Hollywood £20
with hot wax £25
Full Arm £20 (1/2 arm  £15)

Under arm £10 with hot wax £14
Lip/chin £7

 LLip and Chin £11
Face £20 (with eyebrows £27)
Full Back (with shoulders £23)
Chest £24
Back & Chest £36
Eyebrows £11

Please contact reception for special offers


Before your appointment:
- In order for waxing to be effective the hair should be approximately 1cm.
- Please do not use a sunbed or overexpose the area you are having waxed to the sun 24hours before your appointment.
- Avoid very hot baths/steam room/sauna immediately before your appointment.
- Please advise us if you are taking Roaccutane (sometimes known as Accutane, a drug prescribed for acne) or taking long term steroids, ideally before your appointment.
- Please advise us if you have recently had any microdermabrasion/skin peels or use products containing steroids, Retin A or AHAs on the area you are having waxed.

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