4 Massages to Try at Your Summer Vacation

Summer vacations are all about fun and the outdoors. But just because this is the perfect chance to party does not mean that there’s no room for a little peace and calm. A massage is just what you need to ease into that summer vacation with absolute relaxation in mind.


Here are four massages you cannot miss out on during your summer vacation.


Back, Neck, and Shoulders Massage


What You Need to Know


The back, neck, and shoulders massage lets you experience ultimate relaxation for a good 30 minutes. This massage mainly focuses on the tension points on your back and shoulders, and is topped off with a gentle head massage.


This may be shorter than a full-body massage, but it gives you an amazing stress-relieving experience just the same. The pressure applied by the massage therapist will most likely range from a light to medium touch, but if you want something with more pressure, your therapist will be flexible enough to adapt to the amount of pressure that best suits your personal preference.


Your therapist will start off by applying exfoliating scrub on your back and arms to get rid of dead skin cells on the surface of the skin. This is also a great way to stimulate lymph circulation, which will, in turn, make the body’s natural detoxifying process easier.


After that, your massage therapist will proceed to massaging your stiff lower back and try to loosen any muscular knots, which are commonly found between the tops of the shoulders and the shoulder blades.


Other benefits


  • Eases muscular tension in the back area
  • Clarifies the back skin
  • Hydrates and nourishes dry skin because of aromatherapy oils
  • Improves blood circulation and tones the muscles
  • A great alternative to full-body massage when you are short on time


Hot Stone Back Massage


What You Need to Know


The Hot Stone back massage is deeply soothing. It blends hot basalt stones and a pleasant mix of aromatherapy oils, which helps relax stiff muscles, soothe tension, and bring about a relaxing state of mind for 30 minutes.


This massage involves smooth black basalt stones, which are drawn from lava. These stones of different sizes are heated between 120 to 150 degrees and are placed on the energy points on your upper body. This practice is known to be effective in easing muscular tension.


From there, the therapist applies warm aromatherapy oils and uses both hands to move the stones smoothly along your skin, with more pressure on your back muscles.


Aside from black basalt stones, cool marble stones are also sometimes used in this type of massage. These stones have anti-inflammatory, energy-balancing, and blood capillary-constricting effects.


The cooling sensation that these cool marble stones give are also proven to be very effective in facial treatments where it is not advisable to use heat. These cool stones are beneficial and effective in reducing puffiness around the eyes.


Other benefits


  • Aids in faster muscle relaxation during cold months
  • Relieves deep muscular pain
  • Releases stagnant negative energy
  • Calms the nervous system
  • Improves poor blood circulation and tones muscles
  • Ideal for people with insomnia and rheumatic and arthritic pain


Indian Head Massage


What You Need to Know


The Indian Head massage is a spa treatment intended to release tension, stress, and headache. Unlike the other types of massage, this one is done while you are seated on a comfortable chair. This procedure usually lasts for 30 minutes.


This massage originated in India thousands of years ago. Traditionally, Indian mothers would massage their daughter’s hair using different essential oils to stimulate the scalp. This practice is said to result in the long and shiny hair that women in India are known for.


This type of head massage works perfectly on different areas that might have been affected by emotional and mental stress, and is known to bring immediate relief.


Aside from that, it is also proven to promote better blood circulation in the head. It also boosts the senses, increases memory, and stimulates clear thinking.


This massage is beneficial to individuals who are suffering from migraines, vertigo, and insomnia. Another huge benefit of this massage is that it is also able to address the several detrimental effects of cellphone radiation.


Other benefits


  • Enhances the circulation of the cerebrospinal fluid
  • Raises the glucose and oxygen supply to the brain
  • Drives away accumulated toxins around the head
  • Suitable for the sinuses
  • Improves concentration and vision
  • Stimulates lustrous hair growth
  • Increases the energy level of the brain
  • Reduces premature balding and greying of the hair


Full Body Aromatherapy Massage


What You Need to Know


The full-body aromatherapy massage is a firm yet relaxing body massage perfect for those who have stiff, painful, and tired muscles. This type of massage normally lasts for an hour and uses your preferred essential oils to promote better relaxation.


This massage treats very area of the body that is prone to tension, like the neck, shoulders, back, legs, hands, and arms. Depending on your health concerns, your massage therapist will choose a blend of essential oils that offer therapeutic effects.


When the right blend is selected, your massage therapist will ask you to lie facing down before the massage begins.


Other benefits


  • Delivers a revitalizing and soothing experience
  • Relieves the different symptoms of tired and stiff joints
  • Aids in better digestion
  • Improves poor blood circulation
  • Improves sleep
  • Releases tension and stress


The Importance of Getting a Massage


Whatever your need is – whether it is to reduce muscular tension, to be relieved of pain, or to have a relaxing moment while you are on vacation, getting a therapeutic massage will certainly improve your sense of physical and emotional health.


Massage therapy is famous for a reason as it has always been known to affect one’s overall health in a positive way.


So to neutralize all the sitting that you do at work, get that well-deserved massage. It’s just the thing that can make your summer vacation even more relaxing.