Can You Get Rid Of Cellulite With Exercise?

There are countless creams, oral prescriptions, skinny teas and coffee scrubs out there marketed to target cellulite, – but with little to no results at all – it can prove frustrating to the 90% of women everywhere who suffer through having cellulite.


Even though being the road less traveled, can frequent exercise really be the solution to getting rid of cellulite once and for all?


Understand The Cause First


To understand if exercise alone is the answer, it’s important to first understand what might be causing the accumulation of cellulite in your body.


As a matter of fact, it could be any reason from an unbalanced diet and genes to factors of aging and wearing too-tight underwear. Truth be told, there’s hardly a way to micro manage all of the above, which is exactly why getting rid of cellulite is never an overnight process.


Whilst there are a lot of exercises who make the miraculous claim of being “cellulite targeting workouts”, experts understand that there is so much more needed – such as diet and external treatments – to not only lose cellulite, but to stop it from coming back as well.


It’s also important to note that more permanent factors such as hormones and genetics also mean that some people are destined to suffer with more severe cases of cellulite compared to others.


The More Comprehensive And Effective Way Of Getting Rid Of Cellulite


Step 1. Exercise smartly – not excessively.

Yes, frequent exercise is always beneficial; but not if you’re doing it all wrong! When taking into account the condition of cellulite, it’s rewarding to focus less on cardio and instead shift your attention to other strength and muscle-building workouts. Strength training workouts are a plus as these will help firm the muscles underneath your skin to smoothen out fine lines and –you guessed it! – cellulite. Compound and isolation exercises that are focused on your glutes and thighs are also a superb way to tone your legs, which will in effect positively reduce the appearance of cellulite. Do these 2 exercise each day to smoothen out your cellulite;


     Plyometric squats 

          1) Place your feet shoulder-with apart.

          2) Get in a crouching position with your knees bent at a 90 degree angle.

          3) Jump up and land in the same squat position. Remember to focus on using both your legs and glutes to jump as high as possible before landing back down!


     Alternating lunges 

          1) Stand with both your feet placed hip-width apart.

          2) Lunge forward with your right leg whilst straightening your left. Your left knee should be about an inch or less from the ground whilst your right knee bent.

          3) Repeat this on one leg for 30 – 45 seconds before switching sides. Feel free to add a medicine ball or pick up a pair of dumbbells to jazz this workout up!


Step 2. Your diet is more important than you’ll ever know


It’s been disapproved that cellulite is caused by certain “toxins” in your body, but a large reason to the appearance of dimples in your body can be attributed to an intake of too much carbohydrates, salt and fats in the body.


When too much of these get converted into fat eventually, it can become a nuisance to get rid of –so why not nip it at the bud? Consuming a diet that’s heavy with sugar, processed foods and alcohol can take a toll on your health in general, so switch things up and stack up on your lean meats and veggies!


Foods that are lower on the glycemic index scale such as whole grains, nuts and green leaf vegetables are also great in helping with weight loss, so run to your nearest grocery store and snag those NOW.


Step 3. Sometimes, treatment really is the answer


Now, we don’t mean you have to necessarily spend hundreds of pounds on physical treatments at the first sight of a dimple.


However, cellulite removal treatment should not just be shelved under the “last resort” option, – it can actually be painless and even in some cases, hinder the future formation of cellulite altogether!


A more famous procedure would include the LPG Endermologie, a French-inspired treatment that has been the go-to for any woman suffering from cellulite!


The LPG Endermologie is a natural and non-invasive treatment that works to mechanically stimulate the skin and promote faster cellular metabolism. It also works to:


     Boost the slimming process

The LPG Endermologie works its magic through techniques such as a deep massage and suction which allows for more blood and oxygen circulation to be brought to the surface of the skin. The water from these cells will be removed from the body through urination; which eventually leaves the skin looking firmer and smoother.


      Get rids of stubborn fats

Whether you’d like it or not, there are some dimples and cellulite textures that cannot be worked off –no matter how many hours of workouts you put your thighs into. This procedure works to gently massage the area affected to increase blood circulation, allowing a faster fat burning process, which also improves the skin’s elasticity by far –for more youthful and rejuvenated skin in the long run!


In Conclusion


Cellulite is no walk in the park to deal with –and although exercise is a great way to tone up; factors such as diet and other physical treatments are definitely due to stop cellulite from being a recurring problem.


It also matters a whole lot the type of exercise you do as well, so remember to stock up on those weights and focus on isolation workouts!


Take extra care to to stay away from saturated fats and unhealthy carbs and remember to check out just why LPG Endermologie is all about the hype to treat cellulite.


Adopting all of these factors are surely a push in the right direction to combating all those trouble areas –so get started on step one today!