Free Checklist To Get Your Feet In Perfect Summer Condition

It’s here! The much-awaited summer – the season of breezy sundresses, being outdoors and soaking up the sunshine.


But with great power, comes great responsibility. With days after days of stepping outdoors, it’s our feet that bear the brunt of the sun and the elements.


From cracked heels, discoloured nails, sweaty toes and more, summer can be quite unforgiving to our feet.


Thankfully, following a simple care routine can ensure soft, pampered and beautiful feet even in the scorching summer.


From simple daily care like wearing sunscreen, soaking, moisturizing, exfoliating to showing your feet some love with our rejuvenating pedicures, here’s a free checklist for you on how to keep your feet looking and feeling fabulous, all summer long!


#1 – Don’t forget the sunscreen 


The old saying ‘prevention is better than cure’ is an oldie but a goody!


Always make sure you include your feet in your sunscreen routine, since we often tend to skip them and only focus on the more visible areas of our body.


Wearing a sunscreen with an SPF appropriate for your skin type (SPF 30 at the minimum) will protect your feet from sunburn and your nails from drying and discolouration.


#2 – Moisturize


Our feet, especially the heels, are prone to cracking from dryness and overuse, especially in summer.


Moisturising with foot creams, which are more viscous than regular lotions, is a great idea as they penetrate the thick skin layer around the heels.


For best results, moisturise right before going to bed, giving your feet hours to soak in the hydrating goodness.


#3 – Pedicure Pampering


In addition to following a feet-friendly daily care routine, getting a professional pedicure regularly is a great way to not only pamper yourself, but to boost the health, appearance and suppleness of your feet from the inside out!


A good pedicure takes care of all aspects of your feet – from exfoliation, hydration, moisturization to massaging.


Last but not the least, your nails are professionally filed, shaped and painted, leaving your feet feeling not only feeling, but looking fabulous as well.


Take your pick from Ministry of Beauty’s range of mini, classic and luxury pedicures and sit back and watch us work our rejuvenating magic on your feet!


#4 – Let ‘em breathe


Let your pretty feet breathe by wearing breathable, moisture absorbing socks with your sneakers to avoid sweaty feet.


Avoid nylon socks like the plague. If not walking for long distances, wear open toed shoes and sandals also helps keep your feet dry.


Foot sprays also work well in preventing perspiration.


#5 – Foot Soak


A whole day of running around in the hot weather can inflame and aggravate our feet, leaving them swollen and tender.


Solution? Slightly heat water and add some shower gel or shampoo in it, and soak your feet for twenty to thirty minutes.


This reduces any swelling in the feet and softens the hardened skin around the heels, making it easy to slough it off later.


#6 – Exfoliate


Strip away the dead skin and dirt on your feet that inevitably builds up with regular exfoliation – doing so makes your moisturising routine more effective too.


Mix sugar and olive oil in a bowl, making your very own homemade exfoliation scrub, or buy a ready made scrub from the store.


We’d suggest a sugar based scrub over salt, since salt could get dehydrating for the skin.


#7 – Nail the summer nail look


Keeping your toenails constantly painted could lead to yellowing or discolouration, so it’s a good practice to let your nails breathe by leaving them polish-free for a week every month.


Also, avoid press-on nails, gels and fast-drying nail paints, as they contain toxic chemicals that can damage your nails.


The Checklist


We promised you a check list, and we are giving you one! Here’s a handy guide to keep in mind to keep your feet summer-perfect!



What’s in it for the feet?


Protects from sunburn and nail discolouration


Hydrates and restores suppleness


Removes dead skin cells and dirt

Foot Soak

Reduces swelling and inflammation


All-round intensive care, recommended at least once a month

Breathable Footwear

Wear breathable socks and sneakers, or open toed sandals

Summer Nails

Leave them paint free every now and then, and avoid fast drying paints gels and press on nails – they contain toxic chemicals.


What’s summer care home routine for your feet? We’d love to hear from you – let us know!