The Queen of cellulite treatments!



What is LPG Endermologie?
It is pressurized lippo-massage which effects skin connective tissue. This treatment helps to loose
unwanted inches, cellulite, lockalized fat. It reducess retention of water and improves skin firmness.
It is first cellulite treatment to be approved by the FDA (American Food and Drug Administration).


How does it works?
LPG Endermologie is equipped with rollers and suction. This intensive and deep mechanical massage
activates metabolism of fat tissue that is resistant to diet and excercise and stimulates collagen production.

+contoured body
+less cellulite
+firmer and smoother skin


Who will benefit from LPG Endermologie?
Best and the most spectacular effects for those who fight with cellulite and want to reshape their body and
get slimmer. This treatment is great for anyone who is happy to combine Endermologie massage with
diet, plenty of water drinking and light exercises (household chores or dog walking is enough). It is
proven that exercises done within 5 hours after Endermologie treatment will bring best results.


How is it performed?
You need to dress in special body clothing that we provide, that will prevent direct skin contact with
machine. Each session lasts 30-50 minutes at the rate 1-3 a week.
Lipo-massage is performed with a special head equipped with 2 rollers and suction chamber.
During treatment air pressure will help to place skin folds between rollers formatting wave shape.
The skin is rolled in and out which effects deep tissue regeneration and stimulation.


How many treatments do I need?
That is very individual, but usually it is recommended to have about 10-20 sessions to see satisfactory
results. Ideally if you could do 1-3 sessions per week.
After block of 10-20 treatments it is recommended to have treatment once a month to maintain smoothly
skin look.


Is it painful?
Treatment doesn’t involve electric currency or laser.
It is pleasant mechanical massage for full body or just that problematic area. However, first sessions may
be slightly painful as working on skin effected by cellulite is not completely pain free.
No pain killers needed tho.





1 treatment (30 min) – £49

                    *course of 10 treatments (30 min each) – £400


1 treatment (50 min) – £69

                    *course of 10 treatments (50 min each) – £600