Beauty Salon MOB Christmas offers


Buy any 3 Environ facials and get Environ
REVIVAL MASQUE (facelift in a jar) worth £54


Environ advanced facials help to boost collagen, soften wrinkles, fine lines, target any skin type with any issues, resulting in a more happy, fresh and youthful appearance.


We will help you choose the most beneficial facial for your skin needs.



EnvironSkin facial choice





Want to be hair free by next summer?


Laser (lightsheer) offer , a massive 35% off , now is the perfect time to start laser if you have ever considered it

Amazing results and practically pain free, all areas are included in this fantastic offer!


Lip was £45 now £29 x6 £174

Chin was £55 now £36 x6 £216

Lip & Chin was £90 now £58.50 x6 £351

Underarms was £70 now £45.50 x6 £273

1/2 legs was £115 now £74.75 x6 £448.50

Full Arm was £220 now £143 x6 £858

Bikini Line was £80 now £52 x6 £312

High Bikini was £120 now £78 x6 £468

Braz was £140 now £91 x6 £546

Hollywood was £150 now £97.50 x6 £585

1/2 Top leg was £170 now £110.50 x6 £663

1/2 Lower leg was £130 now £84.50 x6 £507

Tummy was £45 now £29.25 x6 £175

Top Back was £150 now £97.50 x6 £585

1/2 Face was £130 now £84.50 x6 £507

Full Leg was £270 now £175.50 x6 £1,053

(Prices was and now are individual sessions)

Course of 6 or more treatments is required 

Limited Availability Buy now to avoid disappointment


♥♥♥ Try our new fabulous facial ♥♥♥


EXTREME RENEW FACIAL with Vit C&A and Phytic Acid £49 (45min)

                 Safe and effective facial for all skin types over age 30. Great for tired, stressed, dull skin (smokers), rough and uneven colour with hyperpigmentation, lines, wrinkles and lost of elasticity.

EFECTS: renewed and younger looking skin, pores minimized, wrinkles and lines reduced, gentle lift, brighter and smoother complexion. This facial would help also with acne and 1st stage of acne rosacea